Painting Contractors: Increase Your Profitability and Accelerate Growth

Are you tired of wearing all the hats? Do you wish there were a road map or a mentor you could turn to who has done all of this before? Someone who has turned a struggling contracting business into a well-oiled machine that generates healthy revenue streams, positive word of mouth, and gives you the freedom to pursue the things you are passionate about?

Running a Contracting Business can be exhilarating, profitable, and fulfilling.

It can also be very lonely, scary, and financially disastrous.

Is your vision your reality?

What is Your Growth Challenge?

Emerging: Up to $750,000

Are you feeling frustrated? Overwhelmed? Stuck?

Most contractors can get to $750,000 in annual revenue through sheer hustle and a high threshold for the pain they must endure. But the next $500,000? We call that “Death Valley”. It is a real struggle, but it’s not impossible. The single biggest problem for the emerging company is being owner driven. All facets of the company run THROUGH you. You need to think bigger than yourself and establish repeatable systems to get to the next level.

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Growing: $750,000 to $1.5M

Congratulations! You hit $750,000!

That is both good news and bad news. First the bad news—you can’t stop here or you will get crushed! What you must to do is grow.

The good news is now you have enough revenue and profits to build your team and you can start handing some of the hats you wear off to them. We call the journey between $750,000 and $1,250,000 Death Valley.

Many businesses never make it to the other side. It is going to be hard, but you can do it and we are here to help.

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Scaling: $1.5M+

You made it! Death Valley is behind you but now more than ever your team needs you to LEAD!

Having a larger team can lead to larger headaches. The stakes are higher in every respect. If your size has not been reflected in your profitability, we can help. You must identify the profit leaks, reinvest in modern technology and streamlining processes, and learn to use your size and experience to dominate your markets as the most trusted leader in your industry.

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“This year has brought incredible challenges to our business and I can't recommend Scott from C4C enough! He brings a fresh perspective and ideas that have made him an enormous asset to us. He's helped us develop the business side of our organization through goal setting, accountability and allowing us to tackle issues with success. His extensive background in the industry shows in his ability to assist in these areas. I have also found the mastermind group invaluable. To be able to connect with painters from all over the country, sharing ideas, goals, problems and solutions, C4C is an incredible network of very dedicated business owners and I feel very fortunate to be a part of it. Everyone is like minded with a common interest. The only regret that I have is not joining sooner, thanks Scott for all your help- I am excited to see what mountains we can conquer in the coming year! ”

Chris Soule - Clean Cut Painting

“I highly recommend Scott, he helped me double my business in the last year and implement important systems that I desperately needed. He’s done two site visits as well that I highly recommend. Thanks, Scott!”

Rick Bruno - Bruno Painting

“I began working with Scott Lollar because I was looking to grow my painting business. Scott immediately made an impact. The one thing my business needed to move forward before growing, was knowing our numbers. You hear people say it, but Scott teaches it. He explained everything. Instead of knowing our numbers annually, or even quarterly, we know them weekly. Our crews know how well their projects went immediately after. One of the biggest additions Scott helped our company obtain was our full time office manager. Blessing is an understatement! In 4 months, my business went from growing and not being profitable to growing faster and being profitable. Its no secret that Scott knows the painting industry, I think the only secret is how much of an amazing person he is. He is a coach, mentor and friend. ”

Nick Lauro - Lauro Painting

“Our company has been working with Scott for over a year now. His insight and support have been such available resource for The Painting and Wall covering Company. Not only has Scott been a tremendous resource to help us identify and strategize key communication breakdowns within our organization. But, he has also helped us grow out of the difficult $750,000.00-1M valley to a more manageable $1.5-2M size. With Scott’s consistent support, we’ve been able to put our goals and plans together and hit our targets.The C4C Mastermind groups have been helpful to share struggles and suggestions within a group of contractors who have been through “it”; the cumulative knowledge and experience offered is invaluable. I would highly recommend Scott Lollar and C4C as a business coach for your company.”

Doug Umbehauer - The Painting & Wallcovering Co.