Does this sound like your painting business?

From estimating to scheduling, invoicing, A/P and A/R, not to mention you might still be doing some of the painting. You are wearing a lot of hats.

Up to now, growth came quickly and without much effort. You have very little marketing because you are referral driven and don’t really need a lot of leads to keep the few painters you have busy. But you are starting to experience some peaks and valleys in your sales funnel due to the lack of consistent marketing.

You have few systems and very little tech because you don’t have the time. You are starting to feel some operational pain.

You don’t know your numbers, so you aren’t sure if you are profitable.

You have no employee benefits and have no clue how you could afford them.

You are working a ton of hours and you are starting to drop some balls, both professionally and personally. You are not sure you can afford to hire any overhead positions, so you keep on grinding.

Owners Compensation Range: You wish you knew but most likely $50K-125K.

If this sounds like your painting company, it’s a great time to reach out for help. C4C specializes in leading you down a well-worn path to success. We can teach you what you don’t know and save you thousands of hours of learning the hard way.

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Here’s a snapshot of how we would approach a painting company in the




We would take a deep look at your bookkeeping, revenue, profitability, and help identify leaks or areas that are out of normal ranges. When your cash flow is good and steady, it affords you the breathing room to work on other important aspects of your company.



This is paramount to a young and growing business. We will help evaluate your operations to insure you are working efficiently and smoothly. We can help you with the systems and processes that you need and can implement for immediate success.



Along with growing volume comes increased paperwork, call volume, and record keeping. More field staff means more administrative work and you are going to need help. You can survive without hiring an assistant with help from technology. We can help guide you in accurate and streamlined administration for a young and growing business.