Coaching and Systems Borne From Experience

After 50+ combined years of being in the paint contracting industry, we have tested and applied hundreds of strategies. Having walked the walk, we now have the confidence and passion to help contractors leverage our experience to their benefit.

Our experience has led us to identify 7 main areas that must be robust for you as a contracting business owner to be successful:


It all starts here. If you don’t have a clear picture of your company’s financial health, your decision-making, and ultimately your business, will suffer.

Culture & Values

You are the gatekeeper and example for your company.  Keep good employees in, keep bad employees out, and foster a sense of team and belonging with your people.


Your field work may be exemplary, but do you know what your company’s perceived marketing message is? You’ve been communicating it every day since you’ve started, whether you realize it or not, and it’s time to get clarity.

Human Resources

Initially, you established this company because you were a professional technician. Now, you have to act as the HR manager too. Be sure to do it correctly, because any mistakes will always have consequences.


You assumed that getting the phone to ring would be the most difficult task. Turned out that was easy, but the challenge is to actually complete the job!


Any organization that wishes to be successful needs to have a sales process in place to accurately evaluate potential customers before devoting any valuable resources to them. No more guessing and estimating. It’s time to actively engage in sales.


The classic contractor isn’t always sharp on the details. The entrepreneurial spirit is what gave you the guts to start this in the first place. Reason #1 why each team needs a capable administrator from the outset.



Scott Lollar is recognized in the paint contracting industry as an honest and forthright thought leader with regards to successful business practices.

For example, Scott’s perspectives on KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) for contracting companies were featured in the July/August 2022 Edition of American Paint Contractor Magazine, a leading industry publication.

Here are a few highlights from his interview:

APC Magazine: Why is it important to create a system to watch your KPI’s?

Scott Lollar: To me, business is really math…it’s science. KPIs help you with formulas that get you the result you’re looking for – they are a way of looking at each piece of that formula, because if you’re deficient in any part of it, you’re going to miss the target. A lot of business owners go out and hustle, but they don’t have the data that helps them understand when things aren’t going well. Checking your KPIs at proper intervals can help guide you on your journey.

APC Magazine: How do you determine that the program you’re using is right for you?

Scott Lollar: The key here is whether it’s a tool that you can automate through Zapier; the ability to talk to other programs is my #1 requirement. Also, we’re looking for tools that do one or two things really well. We’re finding a lot of programs trying to be a catch-all and do a lot of different things. I suggest identifying the tool that does just one thing really well, and if you get a couple of extra things, that’s fine.

What Sets


Apart From The Rest

At Consulting4Contractors, we have built a reputation for being some of the most experienced and successful contracting consultants in the industry. With years of experience as owners, we’re able to provide clients with personalized, expert advice and resources that are tailored to their individual needs. Our track record of client success speaks for itself and is further proof of the extensive knowledge and expertise we possess.

What really distinguishes us from other contracting consultants is our commitment to providing clients with the best possible results. From the initial consultation to the final realization of our client’s intended outcome, we are focused on ensuring that our clients’ needs are met. This personal and tailored approach to coaching and consulting services is what makes us stand out from the rest.

We are committed to staying up to date on the latest developments in the industry, so that we can provide our clients with the most up-to-date information and advice. This commitment to keeping abreast of industry trends ensures that our clients are always taking advantage of the latest industry advancements and best practices.

It’s not hard to see why Consulting4Contractors stands out from other contracting consultants: