What is keeping you from achieving what you dreamed of the day you decided to open a business?

What’s keeping you from generating enough revenue and profit and running a company that works for you, rather than the other way around?

If you’re like a lot of contractors, it’s because you fell into this line of work and with a little hustle you could make enough money to pay your bills and your employees but no one ever showed you how to run a business let alone grow one. We want you to avoid common pitfalls, making costly mistakes, or wasting valuable years of your career. There are lots of coaching organizations out there that want to shower you with free documents, charts, and checklists. We all know deep down that the REAL problem isn’t about having the right gadget. It’s about mental strength and the WILL to win. The ability to make yourself do things that don’t come naturally, and overcome your fears.

C4C is designed to help you prioritize the tasks, then hold you ACCOUNTABLE to getting them done. We’ve got tools and gadgets too but nobody ever skipped the hard work line to achieve success. We will push you when you get tired, shine light on your fears, and always be by your side to congratulate you, encourage you, and help carry the load when you are tired.

Wherever you are, coaching may be the answer!

  • Set Goals and be held accountable for them
  • Work through issues and roadblocks
  • Create vision and build a roadmap
  • Prioritize tasks and projects to maximize growth


This is the foundation of what we do. We must first understand WHO you are. This includes your goals, your motivators, your fears, your strengths, and your weaknesses.


We provide bi-weekly MasterMind groups of similar sized businesses to discuss current problems, market changes, and best-practices.

Additional Services

We offer on demand and individual project based coaching.