Does this sound like your painting business?

You will never make it through Death Valley being an owner-driven model. Who do you need on your team? Administration, Sales Staff, Project Managers? How do you find them, hire them, pay them, and afford them?

You also need to focus on implementing technology to alleviate your direct involvement with the day-to-day functions. By implementing systems, you can maximize your time to efficiently produce more revenue.

You need more leads which means doing something you have never done before–MARKETING! Where do you start? How much should you spend? How do you measure the success? Marketing plans, calendars, and budgets are required to grow.

You need systems to run the business so you can do what you are good at. What are the systems you need? How do you create them? How do you implement them? Your business needs to be automated, using technology to handle day to day tasks.

No business survives Death Valley and beyond without knowing their numbers. Doing a lot of sales is great but if you aren’t making money, the journey can be crushing. Financial KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) are part of your play book. What KPI’s do you need, and which ones are the most important? Where do you get the data and what does the data mean?

HR is no longer a luxury! It is a necessity. Clear job descriptions with benchmarks and the addition of benefits will be required to attract and retain the team you need.

Growth is attainable but you must work the process to achieve it.

Here is the good news–your workload will come down to a level that is sustainable!

Owners Compensation Range: $125K – $250K.

If this sounds like your painting business, now would be a great time to seek some help from those that have been there before. Stakes are high at this level. Making bad business decisions can set you back years!

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Here’s a snapshot of how we would approach a painting company in the




We need to take a deep dive into your finances to see the raw data that tells the real story of your team’s success. Are your percentages in the proper ranges? What is your true profitability? What can you afford? What are you doing that you CAN’T afford? The accuracy of this information determines your probability of future success.



You are going to need a marketing machine that is always working to bring in the leads required to feed your growing team and production capabilities. We can help you build it.



With more leads coming in from more and more sources, you will find you have to be better in your sales process. From personal sales training techniques to your overall sales system, we have the tools to help you close those leads and gain better customers.


HR & Culture/Values

Your growing team can be your biggest asset or your biggest headache. Your knowledge of HR and thinking through processes before they happen will greatly affect your growth trajectory. Building a happy work culture is both possible and probably the most valuable thing you can do for your company. Happy workers who believe what you believe will help you dominate your market and have your customers singing your praises.