Does this sound like your painting business?

You have begun to step away from day-to-day operations and manage the systems and the management team.

You will continue to add more overhead positions like Sales, Operations, and Administrative personnel. How do you find them? How do you pay them? What are the incentives? What are their core competencies?

Marketing plans, calendars, and budgets for greater lead flow are required and can get more sophisticated. Sheer volume expands reach and impact.

Greater Profitability allows for top tier pay scales, increased benefits, and bonus programs.

Growth becomes self-perpetuating and not as difficult to achieve but the bumps can be catastrophic, so you need to be vigilant.

Advanced tech solutions are used to accommodate volume and size.

Owners Compensation Range: $250K+

We specialize in helping painting businesses in the $1M- $4M range. Many of our best clients fall in this category and are enjoying the fruits of their hard work and the team they have built. Now is not the time to grow complacent though. Large machines have large parts. Small problems can cause big disruptions to cash flow and profitability. We can help safeguard you by evaluating your systems and processes to ensure operations continue smoothly.

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Here’s a snapshot of how we would approach a painting company in the




We would take a deep dive into your cashflow, record keeping, and revenue/profitability percentages to make certain you are healthy. We look for profit leaks or out-of-normal ranges that might indicate a problem.



The magic actually happens at the office in your planning, scheduling, and communication methods. Large teams have so many moving parts that it is absolutely imperative to make sure your team is functioning like a well-oiled machine. Processes, systems, and repeatable tasks are the life-blood of any scaling company.


Culture and Values

It’s easy to have great camaraderie and culture when you are small and everyone knows each other well. With a larger team, you must work hard to continue to build goodwill and team centered decision making. It is absolutely possible to have a large team that is bought-in and supports the values of your company. We can show you how.