How Does Business Coaching Work and Is It Right for Me?

The word “coach” elicits a full range of emotions in different people. Depending on your past experiences with coaches in various aspects of your life, you could have very strong feelings either way! Many people look to childhood teachers, authorities, or role-models who made a lasting impact on their development or goal setting in early… Read more »

What is a Mastermind?

Do you ever feel isolated running your business? Are you on your own to figure out new systems and overcome endless obstacles? Do you ever wish there were a group of like-minded people to share your goals and objectives with and be held accountable to them? Then a Mastermind Group might be exactly what you’re… Read more »

Crisis & Serotiny – Using External Triggers for Growth

I have always been fascinated by the process of serotiny. Specifically, in pine trees like the Jack Pine that have serotinous cones. Serotinous cones are covered with a resin that protects the seeds inside. The seeds are released when the resin is melted which occurs in a forest fire. Yes. A forest fire! It takes… Read more »