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    The word “coach” elicits a full range of emotions in different people. Depending on your past experiences with coaches in various aspects of your life, you could have very strong feelings either way!

    Many people look to childhood teachers, authorities, or role-models who made a lasting impact on their development or goal setting in early life.

    Some might view coaches in a negative light because of possible belittling or embarrassment caused when a coach demanded more than you could give.

    Carried into adult life, a coach is often associated with the gym! You hire a coach to help you get stronger, lose weight, or push you past your own comfort level to achieve a desired result.

    A business coach is similar to a coach at the gym.

    Perhaps you are feeling stuck in routines or patterns that are counter-productive or even detrimental to your success or maybe you need help finding direction. It’s possible you need good information or processes to help you toward the goal line. 

    A business coach is a partner you work with to walk alongside you with a completely different perspective than you may have of yourself. A solid business coach will always take the time needed to listen carefully to understand your perception of any issue or problem.

    After gaining a comprehensive understanding of all parts of your business, (goals, personnel, logistics, and finances) they can begin to build a plan to walk you through the challenges, build systems, and achieve additional and increased success!

    A fitness coach can understand the amount of weight you want to lose, then create an action plan based on your habits and lifestyle to hold you accountable to the plan, even when you don’t feel as motivated as you may have been in the beginning. S/he might even help you understand the science behind exercising, resting, fasting, and calorie counting that give you better perspective on future decision making. You will achieve faster and longer lasting results when you thoroughly understand the problem, rather than simply working on a symptom of the problem.

    Business coaching is complex because it involves different people in unique situations and it requires a keen understanding of people, along with a broad array of other professional skills.  A great coach resembles some kind of hybrid -- Advisor/Friend/Accountability Partner/Therapist -- who helps you understand yourself before tackling the issues in your business. Sometimes, long conversations are needed to solidify what your goals are and what they should even be! Then, like a good fitness coach, a good business coach can develop a custom plan designed around your daily habits, personality traits, and inclinations to begin to make changes that will benefit you and move you toward your stated desired outcomes.

    There is no magic wand or series of steps to guarantee success in business. Every company is unique, even when our challenges may be very similar. The same workout plan doesn’t work for every body type at the gym, and the same is true in business. Find a coach who will take the time to listen first before giving you a canned plan. A reputable coaching organization that has actual systems, processes, and services to help you meet your challenges is a must for any business owner who is serious about excelling. You wouldn’t continue seeing the same gym coach if you lost no weight, would you? Demand results!  

    Let’s be honest, being a business owner can be lonely. A great coach will always care about you as a person and a client. A great business coach will be thinking about your problems even after your meeting. Having another experienced and knowledgeable professional helping you unwrap your struggles and complications can be very reassuring to any contractor who spends much of their time thinking through things on their own.

    No matter how driven you think you are, or how passionately you work to achieve your goals, everyone achieves more when they have accountability to someone else. We rationalize, make excuses, and find a million things to distract us from what is truly important when left to our own devices. A coach stands ready to readjust our thinking, remind us what we agreed to accomplish, and keep us focused on the important tasks that will bring the most reward.

    If you are ready for a professional perspective to help you gain clarity and an honest appraisal of the foundational challenges you face, consider talking to a business coach.Beware of the fast-talking salesman who sells you a packaged deal that magically fixes everything. Rather, invest in a partner who listens carefully before speaking honestly and will walk with you toward your dreams and success.

    Schedule a time to talk with Scott or Mark and discover if Consulting4Contractors (C4C) is a good fit for your business.

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    Finding Community and Accountability as a Business Owner

    Do you ever feel isolated running your business?

    Are you on your own to figure out new systems and overcome endless obstacles? 

    Do you ever wish there were a group of like-minded people to share your goals and objectives with and be held accountable to them?

    Then a Mastermind Group might be exactly what you’re looking for. A Mastermind Group is a regular meeting of business owners or key employees that are traveling the same road as you are. Some may be a little ahead of you and some might be a little behind you, but everyone is on the same journey to the same place. Success. 

    • It’s a place to:

    -       Share Ideas
    -       Set Goals
    -       Be held Accountable
    -       Be inspired
    -       Share your story
    -       Gain Perspective
    -       Help others

    Every other week you meet with 7-10 other business owners who have a company similar to yours. You are placed in a group that closest resembles your business, with similar structure, goals, and finances, so that common problems and conversation threads stay relevant and desirable to all. This team serves as your advisory board. The meetings are hosted by a facilitator to guide the discussion and make sure all voices are heard and respected. The professional conversation style is direct and honest, building on the trust you develop as a team, while also allowing for unique perspectives and insights.

    At every meeting, you will: 

          Discuss a pre-determined topic for 30-45 minutes.

          Have time to unpack a current issue, challenge, or initiative that you are working through and would like some feedback on from your advisory board.

          Set personal or business-related goals

          Provide and receive feedback on your goals, which is part of your accountability! 

    Meetings are conducted through video conferencing utilizing Zoom at a set time and day of the week consistently. Everyone knows that we master what we measure, and consistent participation builds trust and respect that affords us the greatest return on our time. 

    Meetings always begin at 3pm ET and last for 90 minutes. This means you will meet for 24 meetings per year, giving you many opportunities for improvement in your own life and business, as well as providing mutual support and accountability to your fellow team members. 

    Not sure there is a group for you? Below is a quick synopsis of the four Mastermind sessions we conduct and a brief description of each group. While no business looks exactly like yours, the wise owner knows there is wisdom in a fresh perspective gained looking from the outside in.

    • 1. Emerging

    o   Do you own a young or underdeveloped business?
    o   Do you need help with some of the fundamentals to keep you on your upward trajectory?
    o   Emerging Contractors with revenue from 0-$750,000 will benefit from the facilitation and focus that C4C coach Mark Black brings to every meeting to help make your next steps a reality.

    2. Death Valley

    o   Are you trying to break through $1,000,000 and beyond?  This can be one of the most difficult phases in the growth of your business. Taking part in a community of like-minded entrepreneurs may be the spark you need.
    o   This group is for those with the drive to shatter the $1,000,000 barrier and beyond.
    o   Are you driven? Do you crave intensity? This group is for you.

    3.  Growth

    o   Are you on the other side of Death Valley? Have you caught your breath and are ready for the next summit?
    o   This is a fun season that gives you the challenges of new opportunities and bigger decisions. This group will be an excellent sounding board for your ideas and continued growth.
    o   The Growth Mastermind Group is for those with annual sales in the $2,000,000-$4,000,000+ range.  

    4. Admin and OPS

    o   Do you have key Administrative or operations personnel? Give them the gift of a Mastermind to stretch and improve themselves. They’ll receive feedback on best practices from others that are immersed in the same day-to-day activities as they are. Often our key personnel are overlooked in development. This provides an opportunity to accelerate their growth and add value to your business! 

    Sign up for a Mastermind Group!

    If you have more questions you can schedule a call to talk to us here.

    “A true friend is someone who sees the pain in your eyes while everyone else believes the smile on your face.”

    As your business gets larger and busier, it is more important than ever to build community with like-minded people. By holding each other accountable to your stated goals and objectives, you will find the power that a team can bring to your own life and business.  

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    I have always been fascinated by the process of serotiny. Specifically, in pine trees like the Jack Pine that have serotinous cones. Serotinous cones are covered with a resin that protects the seeds inside. The seeds are released when the resin is melted which occurs in a forest fire. Yes. A forest fire! It takes something catastrophic like a fire to release the seeds and grow new trees. Without the unwanted, unpleasant and destructive event like a forest fire, new tree growth can’t occur.

    Can you relate to the process of serotiny? Do you prefer to stay closed up and safe? Protected from the un-predicable external threats to your business or your life? I get it. It is much easier to have the security of the known and predictable. But there are many consequences of staying safe. Safety can breed complacency. It can stifle new technologies. New markets. New opportunities. It can make you slow to respond when crisis comes and the very safety you pursue can be the cause of your destruction. You need a fire sometimes to grow! Could Covid-19 be the environmental trigger your company needs to grow?

    Covid-19 has been a challenge on many fronts. Controlling the spread and saving lives is and should be at the forefront. But Covid-19 can also be the fire that opens some seeds in your pinecone. Seeds of reflection. Seeds of gratitude. Seeds of empathy. Seeds of community. Maybe you have seen the complacency of your leadership. Of being comfortable and delegating leadership or worse yet abdicating your leadership responsibilities. The responsibility to lead your team. Your customer. Your industry. Even yourself.

    It’s not too late. Begin today.

    What are the things you need to do today to lead during this crisis?

    What things do you need to eliminate, restructure, redistribute, re-assign?

    What does your team need from you? Communication. A plan. Honesty. Positivity.

    And what do you need to create? A new process. A new product. A new market. A new division or department.

    Don’t delay. Write down one thing to accomplish today and at the end of the week, you will have accomplished 5 things.

    Fires are destructive. But great things can come out of crisis. Great big new forests in fact. Let’s grow some trees together.

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