Consulting4Contractors, in conjunction with Art Snarzyk of InnerView Advisors, provides comprehensive and customized assessment options for pre-hire candidates to ensure the candidate can and will do the job you are hiring for. You can also assess your existing team members to better understand each other and how best to work together.  

Much more than just a “DISC assessment on steroids”, these 45 to 60 minute assessments utilize 4 key areas of behavioral analysis science, and synthesize responses into meaningful, actionable reports.  They include a 1-on-1 overview meeting with Art.

For existing team structures, our flagship Team Assessment can help top level members learn deep insights into each others’ natural and adapted styles, as well as the motivators behind how individuals operate.  Through Art’s guidance and expertise, teams find themselves operating with greater levels of synergy than previously possible.


Watch the Platinum & Team Assessments In Action



Some positions are too important to leave to your gut. Hire the right person for both skill and cultural fit using behavioral data and an accurate understanding of what motivates them, rather than wasting weeks of time and money on the best resume that catches your eye.

Who is This Designed For?
This is best used during the final hiring process. We take your job description and compare it to the results of the assessment to look at what drives them, their skill set, and the likelihood they will be happy doing what you are asking them to do. And finally, we can help you identify the chances of them fitting into your existing team.



You have assembled a solid team but why is it that there are moments of friction, push back, or a lack of buy in? Wouldn’t it be great if you had a crystal ball as to why these things are happening?

The TeamWorks program gives you the power of behavioral insights that will help your team understand each persons uniqueness and how best to work together within their behavioral styles. The result is a team that celebrates their individuality while using the insights to work together for a high functioning team that produces amazing results.


Who is this designed for?
Companies with 3+ senior level team members. Each person gets an individual platinum assessment, up to 5 people. 

Art Snarzyk will then meet twice with the team to understand the science, the tools, and the results. Art will guide you through some ways to work together and use your uniqueness as strengths. Not barriers.