Masterminds - Consulting4Contractors

Maybe you feel isolated. The lonely business owner that wonders how everyone else is doing it and what you are missing?  The truth is we all experience the same emotion that comes with being an entrepreneur. Mastermind’s can be a place to get that support. A regular meeting with likeminded business owners that have been in your shoes. A group that you can confide in, ask questions, and get feedback on issues and initiatives. A group that encourages you and holds you accountable.

Mastermind Groups meet bi-weekly for 90 minutes via Zoom. Groups are arranged by business type, size, and maturity. Discussions are topic based with a facilitator and includes time for each member to get feedback and help around current business challenges.

We have groups geared toward:

  • Owners
  • Salespeople
  • Administrators
  • Crew Leaders

Investment: 247/month