Coaching - Consulting4ContractorsThis is the foundation of what we do. We must first understand WHO you are. This includes your goals, your motivators, your fears, your strengths, and your weaknesses. Next we have to establish your WHY. Why do you do what you do? Why do you not do things you should? By connecting these dots we can help you create a clear plan for success that navigates all of your nuances.  After establishing this rapport, we can begin to help you prioritize the challenges that you face. We then use our regularly scheduled meetings to keep you accountable to the tasks and goals you created and push you past your comfort zone into greater success. Our desire is to become a trusted partner that walks with you, providing perspective and direction.

Individual 1-1 Coaching

  • Create your vision and craft a plan to get there together.
  • We work through issues and roadblocks.
  • Goals, accountability, and celebrations.
  • Work through processes, automations, and outcomes.

Investment: 800/month

Elite Coaching Accelerator

  • Do you have key people in your organization that are critical to your success?
  • We work through issues and roadblocks that apply to their role.
  • Work towards synergy with the owner for accelerated results.
    • Sales
    • Admin
    • GM
    • PM

Investment: 1.25K/month

Team Coaching

In addition to meeting with the owners, we also provide value by meeting with key personnel to keep everyone in the organization directed to the same goals. You don’t always have the time or capacity to invest in your key people, so we help carry that burden. By keeping your entire team focused on your vision and goals, you create momentum and excitement in your business culture.

We can help establish routines, job descriptions, and team member accountability to the overall team goal. We have helped implement technology, provide software training, and other implementation strategies.

  • Companywide coaching
    • Biweekly with several departments – This might be a project manager, operations manager, office manager, salesperson.
    • Regular meetings with management team
    • Can include do it with me or do it for me projects.
  • Includes complimentary membership in a Mastermind Group

Investment: 2K/month